Services include air conditioning repair, duct cleaning, heater repair and complete installations of heating and air conditioning systems
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We originally established our heating and cooling business in 1957. Milwaukie Heating and Cooling is dedicated to providing the best possible solution for you and your family.

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Why Regular Preventative Maintenance?

Your heating and cooling system protects your greatest assets…your home, family and pets. Maintaining your heating/cooling system gives you continuous comfort and peace of mind that everything is in good working order, assuring that you will be comfortable. When we experience an extreme cold snap or heat wave, it puts a strain on your heating (or cooling) system. Strain exploits any weakness in your system and may result in a failure. Preventative maintenance is a proactive process to identify and proactively respond to weaknesses in the system before they become a problem at the worst possible time.

When a maintenance service is performed, each component is checked to verify correct operation and safety.

We all know the smell of gas because of its pungent odor. It smells bad intentionally. However, carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless and harmful to your health. It is a by-product of combustion in gas and oil furnaces. When we perform maintenance, we search and test for leaks in cracked heat exchangers and venting problems. We check for carbon monoxide in your home and in the system. We verify correct venting of the furnace. The safety of you and your family is our primary concern.

Statistics show when heating and cooling systems are maintained regularly by certified professionals like the technicians at Milwaukie Heating & Cooling, the systems last longer and operate more efficiently. When every dime counts, and you do not want to spend any more money than necessary on monthly utility bills, it is important to keep your systems operating to factory specifications and peak efficiency. Regular maintenance prolongs the life of your expensive systems that keep you comfortable year-round. Simply changing the filters regularly makes a big difference in how your systems operate. Did you know that regular maintenance helps to protect your system warranty? That is important when you realize that most new systems come standard with a 10 year parts warranty. Regular maintenance is recommended by all system manufacturers to protect your warranty.

We value all of our customers. That is why we call our service agreements “Preferred Customer Care” agreements (or PCC’s). When we sell and professionally install new systems, regularly maintain any systems, or sell you an extended warranty of any kind, you become our priority…a part of the Milwaukie Heating & Cooling family. You receive “Preferred Customer Care” from us.

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We believe that if you commit to maintaining your equipment, and we plan ahead when parts start showing weakness, then your system should not fail you and your family. If it does, you get the peace of mind knowing we will respond quickly and take excellent care of you and your system.

Become a member of our Preferred Customer Care Program. Membership has its privileges. We will ask you to prepay for one year of maintenance service. Your price is based on the number of systems in your home and the number of visits in that year.

Benefits you will receive are:

  • No after hour labor charges if your system fails at night, weekend, or on a holiday. We will be there for you
  • 10% discount on repairs.
  • We will remind you when it is time to get the maintenance service completed.

Contact our professional Service Department or our Customer Care Department to find out all the details.

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Services include air conditioning repair, duct cleaning, heater repair and complete installations of heating and air conditioning systems BACK TO TOP Services for residential homes and commercial in Portland Oregon and Washington
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